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Effective tax rates per $1,000 of property at it’s fair market value.  This rate applies to all property: land, buildings, machinery, equipment, and inventory.

Property Located       2003 Effective Rate
Within City       $10.60
Outside City     $  8.07

Fannin County exempts 100% on all classes of certain business inventory from property taxation.

City and county have 3% local sales tax in addition to the 4% state sales tax.

Incentives: (The following may be available to eligible Fannin County employers)
Job Tax Credits
Investment Tax Credits
100% Freeport Tax Exemption
Retraining Tax Credit; Childcare Credit; Research & Development Tax Credit;
Ports Activity Job Tax & Investment Tax Credit; Headquarters Tax Credit
Manufacturing Machinery & Computer Sales Tax Exemptions;
Primary Materials Handling Sales Tax Exemption