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Hot Outta Quarantine

Well folks… we have just emerged from something that none of us have ever experienced before.Quarantine. Global pandemic. Words which have caused fear and massive disruptions both economically and socially. A sudden shifting of life itself. Georgia mandated the first ever “Shelter in Place” and our little town basically locked down and we all have hid away in our homes for the last 7 weeks. Restrictions such as never before were ordered. Restaurants operated on carry out orders only. Grocery stores have had bare shelves. (Let’s not forget the great toilet paper shortage) All gyms and salons were ordered closed. Until May 1st, and then the restrictions were lifted and everything started slowly opening back up. It’s still a very cautious time for us. Very strict guidelines have been laid out for sanitizing and cleaning just to go get a hair cut or a work out. Masks and gloves are the accessory of choice to wear when buying groceries or picking up an item at Home Depot. Our pre-corona existence is a thing of the past. Covid-19 has shown us that things are temporary and also not to be taken for granted. Things our lives revolve around such as work, dining out, gym, shopping and socializing were all tossed away and replaced with home, family and faith. Weddings, Graduations, Vacations and Birthday celebrations had to be cancelled. We sometimes witnessed our worst selves as we found ourselves afraid, vulnerable and uncertain. But now It’s time to rise up and regain our footing while getting comfortable with life’s uncertain journey. As we all venture back out into the work force and reconnect with our community, we have been given an opportunity to regroup and reprioritize. We can cast away the oppressive and mundane. We can choose not to hurriedly run around in a state of exhaustion, disconnect, depletion and hate. Instead…lets choose simplicity, kindness, braveness, and compassion. Let’s eliminate the non-essentials. We can stop trying to fill up every moment of our time. If you don’t want to start a new project, don’t. Or if you do, then do. If you don’t want to go out, be comfortable at home. Surround yourself with truth seekers and those who lift you up and encourage you. I have witnessed our community coming together and supporting each other through a crisis. I have witnessed people serving each other at their own risk. Never underestimate the power of collective vulnerability to bring folks together. Never underestimate the power of a smile, a sincere complement or hearty “Good Morning” to brighten a day. Let’s stay true to our good southern hospitality roots. And let’s choose each other.

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